8Ö8 - HEADSHÖT (shöckface & ero808)

8Ö8 - the superstar duo of Shöckface and ero808 have just delivered their first single of 2023 HEADSHÖT, a song directly aimed at the corrupt side of the entertainment industry.


HEADSHÖT, 8Ö8's third single since the inception of the project in October 2022 has already amassed over 100,000 streams within the first week. HEADSHÖT was added to Spotifys top editorial playlists including: Top Gaming Tracks (5 millions follows), Bass Arcade, New Music Friday Dance, Bangers, and ElectrendingA plethora of the worlds biggest DJ’s in the electronic space such as CloZee, UZ, Pauline Herr and countless others have already supported HEADSHÖT in their playlists and mixes. Ultra, Dim Mak, Trap Nation, EDM.com, Your EDM, and Digster Sweden have all covered HEADSHÖT.
1 week after HEADSHÖT ero808 of 8Ö8 released Right or Wrong with Pitbull and landed on Spotifys New Music Friday. Right or Wrong currently sits at over 1 half million streams on Spotify in 1 week and is dominating the charts. 
HEADSHÖT combines the gritty and glitchiness we best know Shöckface for alongside ero808’s hypnotic vocals into an electronic rap heater. When speaking about the creative process behind the inception of HEADSHÖT, ero808 of 8Ö8 said “I was in the middle of getting ripped off by a label, fighting with my management, and losing my mind when Shöckface sent me this song to mess with. I was upset, paranoid, and I was losing trust in the business side of the music industry.” With Shöckface saying “Sonically the song was inspired by the highs and lows of being in the music industry. The song is one of my favorite records to date because of how symbolic it is to me. Before meeting Erik I felt like an outsider, now I truly believe we were destined to meet to create something much bigger than music…” 8Ö8 leaves no remorse as they sing they have “no patience for no greedy sons of a b*tches and when I'm at the top I ain't gone’ show you no forgiveness.” HEADSHÖT is the 3rd single since the groups debut release of QÜICKSAND last October.

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