Shöckface End Of 2022

The mastermind behind the world's next hottest hip-hop and electronic superstar duo 8Ö8, Josh Bernstein p/k/a Shöckface is creating his own wave in electronic music. Shöckface is a world class DJ, who has DJ’ed parties that have lasted nearly half a day long, worked with HBO on their hit TV exclusive “The Hype,” and worked with EA Games on the promotional campaign for their F1 22 video game. Shöckface has garnered support from a number of Spotify's editorial playlists, had music played at nearly all of the major North American festivals including Lollapalooza, Electric Zoo, Shambhala plus various others.
He has received cosigns from the world's largest artists like Skrillex, Zeds Dead, UZ, CloZee and many others. His song “METANÖIA,'' released last year on his debut EP has a combined 3 million streams across all platforms. Alongside his best friend ero808, the two artists are 8Ö8, a new collaborative project set to take off in 2023. The beginning of a new chapter and rise of Shöckface is imminent.
Shöckface’s 2022 Spotify Wrapped

8Ö8 - QÜICKSAND (shöckface & ero808) 

Official Music Video

Shöckface’s “METANOIA” featured in German post production studio NHB’s showreel

8Ö8, Shöckface, ero808 - “HEADSHÖT” debut live performance by ero808 at Meow Wolf in Denver

Shöckface, mark veins - “Snakes” featured in HBO’s Season 2 of The Hype

Shöckface’s “METANÖIA” used to close out EZOO NYC 2022 by CloZee